Review 01.2017 Assassin’s Creed

Went to see this off the back of the trailers having never played any of the games before, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

There have been a lot of reviews from die hard AC fans who have panned the movie, but personally I think it a little harsh to dismiss it based on an overwhelming love of the games.

Viewed as a popcorn action movie, it actually stands up pretty well. As you might expect there isn’t a great deal of cerebral storyline, and this is where some of the ire might swell from, given the games are rich in it.

The film loosely follows the storyline of the first game, albeit with character names, location and period of history changed, so those who have played the games will find familiar territory.


The film provides some back story before bringing us to the present and the start of the story in earnest. It is not long before we are treated to one of the action sequences which are the real standout parts of the film. They are BREATHTAKING! I can’t comment on how the gameplay looks in the actual games but on the big screen Justin Kurzel brings the world of 15th century Andalucia to life and fills it with rich, eyepopping action!

It is testimony to Fassbender that you are able to completely able to buy into his turn as Aguilar to the point where I felt that the whole of the story should have stayed in that time period rather than switching back to the modern day – however this does allow for the possibility of more films to follow.

As well as Fassbender putting in a solid performance, Marion Cotillard plays opposite him admirably and manages to keep you guessing as to what side she is really on. Jeremy Irons shows up as the eponymous heel – a role he is well suited to if you have watched Die Hard with a Vengeance. Also standing out was Ariana Labed. Not well known, but an awesome performance as the female assassin Maria, just as badass as Fassbender!


Definitely one to watch if you like sci-fi/fantasy action movies, although do give it the benefit of watching it as a standalone movie and not an extension of the games.

3/5 wristblades.