Review 02.2017 Logan

If this is the last time we see Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart as The Wolverine and Professor X, I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to their remarkable tenure as these characters than this film.

There, I’ve said it. I am setting my stall out early about ‘Logan’. I LOVED it. Not just loved it, but LOVED it!
In the beginning I have to say I was worried. When they first announced that Fox were bringing Wolverine back to the big screen, I didn’t think they would be able to pull it off. After all, their history of films using characters from the Marvel stable is hardly auspicious. However, they definitely proved me wrong, and I am happy to admit to that.

Set against the backdrop of a practically mutant-less 2029, this version of Logan is very reminiscent of Mark Millar’s ‘Old Man Logan’, although the film does not follow the same storyline as that book. The future is not so bright; Logan is alone but for Professor X and an albino mutant called Caliban, and we find out that no new mutants have been born for years and those we have known from previous films are dead and gone.

With the subject matter bleaker than we are used to in a superhero film, it could fall into a spiral of melancholy. But it doesn’t. In fact the film outlines the stark reality of a world where those who are different are removed and vilified. Quite a reflection on society today.

Anyhow, forgive the tangent! The action scenes were many and absolutely brutal. It was visceral cinema at its finest. Jackman took a paycut to ensure the film got an R rating and it was totally worth it. The power and animality of Wolverine shone, but it was the rawness of Dafne Keen as X-23 that really took your breath away. Such rage in such a small person! And the toe claws! Yaaaaaasssss!!!!


Casting was spot on, albeit a little jarring to hear Merchant’s broad Bristolian accent in the mix. Dafne Keen is a revelation, what a great find and so excited that both she and James Mangold have indicated a spin off movie for X-23 could definitely be a possibility. Nice to see Richard E. Grant finally get an outing in a Marvel movie, bring yet more British pedigree to the cast. No more needs to be said for Jackman and Stewart. Perfect as always. Even more so due when hearing Sir Patrick going vitriolic! Excellent stuff.


Beautifully shot. Wonderfully performed. A fitting end.

5/5 ‘snikt’s’.