The content on this blog is managed by me, Andrew Baker, sometimes known as Penfold or PenThePirate depending on what platform you find me on.

I am an unashamed geek; lover of sci-fi, fantasy and all things nerdy, and a passionate fan of theatre and film. I spend a lot of time attending or working at various Comic-Cons both in the UK and abroad, and am lucky to have a group of friends with a very similar passion (and luckily a tolerant girlfriend with the same interests!).

The decision to publish this blog comes from the urging of my friends, who often request reviews of the films I have been to see. I’m a little unsure as to whether anyone else would be interested in reading what I have written, so this blog is a toe in the water to see how they are received.

All reviews provided here are spoiler free as much as possible, all views are my own, and my choice of films subject to debate.

Don’t be afraid to say hello.